Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pregnant Silence of Full Humidity

Only vague bird call distracted in predawn deep humidity. A cloud hovers the air is still. There is no "awakening" or "non-awakening" in the garden as the apparatus of photosynthesis proves itself in silent exchange of electrons motivated and mediated by increasing light intensity. No "encouragement" from light as it simply is, in ever larger packets, delivered exogenously over tens of millions of miles, not "intended" for any leaf any more than the drop of rain, condensed around dust, is "intended" to reach the ground or the blade of grass.

Life is apparent though in this transparent ephemeral landscape, a machinery silent, dimensioned, passive in its force, programmed for increase under the regime of light and moisture.

This rareness is a May morning, floating on lufts of atmosphere. Shimmering newgreen in the abundance of photons. Attached to an ancient soil and climbing in fluid air.

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