Monday, May 6, 2013

Patterns on the Ground

April was promising with emergence from the ground, from the branches, and sometimes, from the house. Cold turned tolerable and the soil warmed, plants emerged, magnolias flowered and finished, and we got ready, greedily, for May.

May is the problem child in Boston. A series of sunny days with a steady east wind off the ocean. Temperatures should climb to the 60s but stay in the low 50s with wind chills much colder. You can stand in the sun or you can stay behind a wall but this morning, riding a bike in the light fog my ears felt like they do on a cold October day. Or worse. 

So here's a little celebration of what happened in April, the halcyon days when things looked like they might get steadily better. The new growth took on patterns of its own and interacted delicately with bits of dead plants from the year before. 

Patterns of leaves emerged boldly or subtly from ground cover plants, and each day brought what seemed like it would be a continuous stream of wonders. Well, there's always June.

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