Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Survival

Collllld here in Boston. Last night it fell to about zero F. Our old wooden house was creaking in the wee hours as the structure shrank in the cold. I was alone in the house and sleepless as usual at about 3 AM, struggling in the cold and dark to fall asleep so I'd be ready for the 8 AM class meeting. Had spent the evening finding plant samples for my students at the Boston Architectural College...

...pines, firs, rhododendron, box, cypress, lavender, sage, rosemary, holly. Just a few of the plants that were, if not happy, at least looking alive as the temperature dipped far below freezing.

All were happy to be tucked into shopping bags and brought across the river for today's Masters in Sustainability class.

I know a bit about these plants and their strategies for winter survival. But it got me to thinking: How much is there about these winter survivors that we don't know?

Stay warm friends!

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